Palolo Valley Brewing Company (PVBC) is a 3-barrel nanobrewery that has operated out of Honolulu, Hawaii, since 2004.

Eleven years ago, PVBC brewmaster Jeremyah Wubben graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor's degree in Physics, and began brewing beer as both a hobby and for breweries throughout Colorado. By the time Wubben moved to Oahu in 2008, after being accepted into the Master's program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, he was well-versed in every stage of the beer brewing process. Hawaii provided a unique opportunity in brewing beer with an ensemble of available local ingredients including lilikoi, hibiscus, coffee, mushrooms, honey, taro, and more.

Casual brewing for friends and family led to Wubben's home in the back of lush Palolo Valley to become known as the 'Palolo Valley Brewing Company.' He even went so far as to propagate distinct new strains of yeast in Hawaii, to make a new beer unique in origin. Rather than importing existing flavors already established and overused in traditional beers, PVBC's aim is to create refreshing and delicious beer that uses as many local Hawaiian materials as possible, to develop entirely new beer flavors while also promoting natural sustainability and local industries.